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If It's Still Useful, Don't Dump It!

Categories: Western Europe, Spain, Citizen Media, Environment

Image [1] by manuelherran [2] on flickr. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. [3]

On the blog Esturirafi [4] [es], biologist Rut Abrain [5] writes frequently about her environment-related thoughts and advise. This time [6] [es], she blogs about the issue of obsolence [7] and shares tips to fight against it:

Se llama obsolescencia a “la planificación o programación de la vida útil de un producto o servicio de modo que –tras un período calculado por el fabricante o la empresa– dicho producto se torne obsoleto e inútil”.

We know as obsolescence the “planning or programming of a product or service lifespan that –after a períod estimated by the manufacturer or the firm– that product becomes obsolete and useless.”

To reduce the pollution caused by obsolence, the main thing is to avoid consumerism [8], to keep on using your products that still work and to repair them instead of replacing them.

You can follow Rut on her blog and on Twitter [9].

This post was part of the ninth #LunesDeBlogsGV [10] [Monday of blogs on GV] on June 30, 2014.