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Albanian Activists Condemn ‘Terrorist’ Murder Verdict in Macedonia

Balkan Insight reports that an ethnic Albanian NGO in Macedonia has condemned a recent court verdict convicting six Albanian men for the execution-style murder of five ethnic Macedonians on Christian Orthodox Easter in 2012.

The NGO claims that the entire investigation and verdict were politically-motivated and set against the six accused men from the beginning, leaving little to no room for other suspects or a more in-depth investigation. The six men stood trial for terrorism and were sentenced to the longest possible prison term for terrorism in Macedonia – life in prison.

Balkan Insight previously reported on the murders and the jailing of the six accused men.

  • Andy D

    These murderers should be hanged not living!! During the trial a Roma witness gave evidence that he was approached by these Muslim murderers asking him what nationality he was. When he told them that he was a Roma, they left him alone.

    They then murdered those young men. Those Albanians that condemn the sentencing should hang their head in shame or move over to Kosovo or Albania and stop causing trouble in the little Balkan country.
    During the Balkan wars, the Muslims would cry ‘victim’ to the US for support and the US then bombed the Serbs. As a thank you to the US by these Muslims, two of the 9/11 hijackers were Bosnian nationals.
    It’s time to see who the real trouble makers are.

    • Estre

      Albanians might have a point. The “Macedonian” government under Gruevski has proven to be authoritarian and corrupt. Gruevski even oppresses any local media from reporting on the past life of “Macedonians” as ethnic Bulgarians. The Gruevski regime instead promotes itself as descendents of ancient Macedonian (obvious fraud) and encourages irredentism against Albania, Bulgaria and Greece with “United Macedonia” rhetoric.

      • Andy D

        Why don’t you take your corrupt little Greek thoughts on another thread.

        Better still, how about you take these Murderous Albanians off Macedonia, take their whole families into Greece and make them 100% Greek citizens since Greeks don’t acknowledge any other minority in their corrupt regime. You (EU does) pay Albanians €400 a month to change nationalities into your great Greek ideal.

        Oh, while you are at it, repay the EU.

        • BS Detector

          Sorry to inform you but the former Yugoslav republic isn’t “macedonia”.Its ancient Paeonia. The ancient Kingdom of Macedonia is located in Greece. You have confused modern names with ancient. Do you deny most of the ancestors of you former Yugoslavians are ethnic Bulgarians?. Can you answer without lying or changing the subject?

          As for Albanians they have just as much right to live in ancient Paeonia as you frauds. Most Albanians are decent people unlike racist crypto fascist frauds like you. No amount of “recognition” will change the Greek writing on ancient Macedonian artifacts you fraud. No amount of evasions by your scumbag apologists will turn ancient macedonians into Slavs. There isn’t a single Macedonian in ancient paeonia. Not one. There is ZERO relationship to ancient Macedonia. FYROM… a country and identity built entirely on fraud.

          Now go pray to your brain damaged nut job leader Gruevski who oppressed your own obvious ethnic Bulgarian heritage.

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