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Comedy and Activism from Mexico

Written by Luis FloresTranslated by Gabriela García Calderón On 30 June 2014 @ 16:00 pm | No Comments

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Image [1] by laranggio [2] on Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. [3]

JM Casanueva, author of the blog SocialTIC [4], reviews the new trend in activism [5] in Mexico that uses humor on blogs and social networks to reach a larger audience:

El humor siempre ha sido una táctica exitosa para transmitir causas de manera empática (sí, que alguien que no seas tú o tus colegas activistas entiendan la problemática) y llegar a públicos más amplios (sí, más allá de lxs [sic] grupos de sospechosos comunes que siempre te retuitean). El activismo mexicano de 2014 ha tenido una muy buena dosis de humor por parte de comediantes que han aprovechado sus talentos, agudeza y compromiso social para buscar impactar en la sociedad.

Humor has always been a successful tactic to transmit causes in an empathetic way (yes, someone who is not you or your fellow activists understands the problem) and reach larger audiences (yes, beyond the lxs [sic] groups of usual suspects that always retweet you). Mexican activism in 2014 has had a good dose of humor by comedians that have used their talents, keenness and social engagement to impact society.

You can follow SocialTIC on Twitter [6].

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