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Mexican Goalkeeper ‘Memo’ Ochoa's Incredible World Cup Performance Is Now a Meme on Twitter

Written by Juan ArellanoTranslated by Gabriela García Calderón On 19 June 2014 @ 1:01 am | 2 Comments

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Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa in full action. Photo posted by Twitter user @futbolperu.com [1].

The star of Brazil-Mexico World Cup match, which ended in a 0-0 tie [2], was Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa [3], who more than once impressively blocked Brazilian shots, saving his national team goal. The match ended with a tied score without goals.

The game was a nail-biter, despite the lack of goals. “Brazilian attacks didn't stop, although each time they came across a magnificent Ochoa who fearlessly and with absolute confidence became a wall against the shots from the rival,” wrote Spanish-language website Apuntes de Fútbol [2].

A photo from this tweet shows the moment when Ochoa deflected [4] a powerful headbutt by Brazilian superstar Neymar:

Memo Ochoa's blocking a headbutt by Neymar.

From that moment on, his performance inspired various memes on social media. 

Octopus Ochoa. Version 2.

Today, Ochoa could see The Matrix. He blocked everything.

A tweet depicted the Mexican goalkeeper with the classic charro style:

Take a look at more memes about the game in this post [19] on LifeBox. Meanwhile, among the many trending hashtags in Mexico about the game. #GraciasOchoa [20] (thanks Ochoa) was a trending topic for a while.

From Colombia, Alfredo Carreño wrote [21] about the performance of the Brazilian crew on his blog Cápsulas de fútbol (football capsules):

Fiado todo a Neymar sin demasiado, la ‘canarinha’ acabó sufriendo ante Chicharito, Guardado y compañía mientras el ‘canta y no llores resonaba entre una confundida ‘torcida’ brasileña. Primera lección que tiene que aprender un Neymar que se pasó de emociones en la previa y se apagó más de la cuenta en el momento de la verdad.

Relying completely on a not so shiny Neymar, the ‘canarinha’ [as the Brazilian team is known for its yellow shirt] suffered facing Chicharito, Guardado and co. while the [popular Mexican folk song lyrics] ‘sing and don't cry’ resounded among a confused Brazilian ‘torcida’ [as the Brazilian fans are known]. First lesson for a Neymar who was overly emotional before the game and went off more than the bill at the moment of truth.

Another scene that became popular online was the one of a Mexican female fan at the stadium:

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