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The Impact of Climate Change on the Rural Population of Benin

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Benin, Citizen Media, Development, Disaster, Environment, Health

Alain TOSSOUNON of Benin posted on the West African Network of Journalists for water and sanitation (WASH) blog  a summary of the report on the evaluation of post disaster needs in Benin after the recent major floods. The disaster caused the death of nearly fifty people [1] and caused damage estimated at 78.3 billion FCFA (about 160 million USD) [fr]: 

Today, anytimes the rain starts to fall, I'm geeting scared and anxious ” says Elizabeth Kpossou, a resident of the village. This feeling is shared  by her neighbor and friend, Alice Codjo. However, a few years ago, periodic floods were part of the lives of these peaceful communities. And far from being a plague, they had found an opportunity with the fertile soil after the withdrawal of water from the floods. Now, those days are gone.  “Everything changed” says the village chief, Samuel Boton. “Now, floods are more devastating” [..] Indeed, like in this village of Adjohoun with its 56 455 inhabitants, the entire country has been hit hard by the disaster. Across the country, the toll was heavy in human loss and material damages. There were 46 deaths and more than half of the municipalities were affected (55 municipalities affected of the 77 in the Benin).