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What to Do Before Pregnancy

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Zahir Aileen [4], author of the blog Las netas de mamá [5] (Mom´s truths), lists a series of important recommendations to women who want to get pregnant in this article [6]:

Si ya tomaste la decisión de ser madre espera solo un poco (uno a tres meses) para darte un espacio de preparación para tener una salud óptima para vivir tu embarazo y permitir que tú bebé se desarrolle adecuadamente. Este es el motivo por el cual es mejor comenzar a actuar tal como si estuvieras embarazada antes de estarlo de verdad.

If you already made the decision to have a baby, just wait a while (one to three months) to give yourself time to prepare in order to be in excellent health ahead of your pregnancy and let your baby grow properly. This is why it's better to start acting as if you were pregnant even before you are.

The blog is dedicated to share interesting issues for parents and those who are expecting. You can follow them on Twitter [7].

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