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Australia's Socceroos Proud in Defeat to Chile at #WorldCup2014

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Tim Cahill - The Age 15 June 2014

Tim Cahill in The Age newspaper's 15 June 2014 edition.

Australians have a long tradition of finding national pride in our defeats. The ANZAC experience at Gallipoli [1] in the First World War is the best known instance. The 1-3 loss to Chile in the #WorldCup2014 [2] is the latest example.

Lisa Singh, a Labor senator for Tasmania in the federal parliament, put it succinctly:

Self-styled ‘sports broadcaster’ Francis Leach is travelling with the Green and Gold Army (@GGArmy [6]), as fans of the Australian national team are styled.

Francis Leach

Courtesy of Francis Leach.

He is definitely enjoying himself:

@geeksrulz was showing some bravado, given that Australia plays Spain in the first round:

The Socceroos know how to reward the faithful:

It would not be football unless there were accusations about the refereeing and cheating. Our solo scorer Tim Cahill joined the chorus:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who is travelling overseas, has continued his problem with names during the trip. After earlier referring to Canadia, he mixed up the name of captain Mile Jedinak, causing the hashtag #Mike [18] to trend down under.

Political commentator and critic of the PM Van Badham tweeted:

But let’s not end on a sour note. Sam McMillan shared this moment: