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A Handbook for Protesters During the World Cup in Brazil

Categories: Latin America, Brazil, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Human Rights, Protest

As the 2014 World Cup begins in Brazil, protests against FIFA's interventions and the Brazilian government's spending are taking place all over the country, especially in the host cities.

Concerned about excessive police reaction during protests, citizen's counselling organization Urucum [1], which works on human rights, communication and justice issues and is based in the city of Fortaleza [2], published a “Handbook for Protesters [3]” in Portuguese (“Manual de Pessoas Manifestantes”).

The e-book gives advice about items protesters should carry inside their backpacks and offers a list of recommendations on attitude and behavior during the demonstration itself. It also shares a list of civil rights and addresses how to proceed in case a protester is stopped for a police search or detained.

The booklet is a product of the online platform Na Rua [4] [pt] (On the street), which monitors human rights violations perpetrated by the government in Fortaleza during protests related to the World Cup.