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‘The Time Has Come!’ Brazil 2014 World Cup

Categories: Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, Citizen Media, Sport

Image [1] by Francisco Carbajal [2] on Flickr. CC BY-ND 2.0. [3]

Mexican communication specialist Samantha Michelle Martínez [4] [es] expresses her excitement for the kicking off of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, remembers the buzz around previous tournaments and invites readers to support the teams [5] [es]:

Fuera de la polémica sobre el escandaloso proceso que la Selección Mexicana tuvo para poder calificar a Brasil 2014, nos permitimos olvidar un rato, queremos dejar de ser imparciales, sentir que nuestro ego se infle tantito. Qué más da, en el mundial todos lo hacen. Y es permitido, ya que esta fiesta sólo ocurre cada cuatro años y es de lo más selectiva.

Leaving aside the controversy about the boisterous process the Mexican national team went through to qualify for the 2014 World Cup, let's just forget for a while that we don't want to be unbiased, we want to feel our ego puffing up a little bit. Whatever, during the World Cup everybody does that. And we are allowed to, as this party comes only once every four years, and it's very selective.

She writes often about sports and her favorite tourist destinations. If you are interested in updates during the World Cup, follow her blog Tarjeta Azul [6] [es] and her Twitter [7] account.

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