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Why You Should Pick France as Your 2nd Favorite Team at the 2014 World Cup

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Graham MacAree [1] at SB Nation posts an entertaining comment on why one should pick the French national team [2] as their 2nd favorite team after their home team at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil :

You'll want to watch France games because if they're on, they'll be lovely to watch, and if they're off it's downright hilarious. The way to get the most out of a combustible team is to follow them closely enough to enjoy all the details but keep emotionally far away enough so that the explosion doesn't singe you too badly.

MacAree also mentions that the French team trolled Usain Bolt after they beat Jamaica in a warm-up match. Here is a photo on twitter of the aforementioned trolling from French player Paul Pogba's twitter feed: