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Peru: Love Is… New Ways of Surprising Your Girlfriend

Written by Gabriela Garcia Calderon OrbeTranslated by Gabriela García Calderón On 11 June 2014 @ 6:00 am | No Comments

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He had it all planned to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday giving her a huge teddy bear, but a transportation strike made him walk [1] [es] more than four miles (seven kilometers) carrying along the gigantic present.

This is the happy ending story of Jonatan Rosas, from the district of Yanacancha [2], in the Peruvian city of Pasco [3]. The incident didn't go unnoticed on Twitter:

IS THIS LOVE? He walked 7 kilometers (4m 61 yards) with a huge teddy bear to give his girlfriend a present PERÚ.- Jonatan Rosas, who lives in…

Jonatan Rosas had to walk carrying along the heavy present for his girlfiend due to the transportation strike…

Jonatan Rosas took a sacrificed walk carrying a heavy 1.60 m (5'2″) teddy bear due to…

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