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Beautiful Landscape in Talampaya

Categories: Latin America, Argentina, Citizen Media, Travel

Photo by Laura Schneider, used with permission.

Laura Schneider tells on her blog [1] [es] Viajes y relatos [Travels and tales] her visit to al Talampaya National Park [2], located in La Rioja Province, Argentina. On her post, her words and pictured are a testimoniy of this charming place:

El Parque Nacional Talampaya, uno de los tantos lugares que es difícil explicar como es. Es difícil transmitir tanta belleza natural. Incluso durante el recorrido, sentí que el guía estaba demás […]. Son 5 paradas que se hacen y en todas, ante tanta inmensidad, el ser humano pierde el ego. Los suspiros no alcanzan y los almanaques se convierten en papel picado ante tanta historia.

Talampaya National Park, one of those places that's hard to explain. It's hard to convey so much natural beauty. Even during the tour, I felt the guide was unnecessary […]. There are five stops and in each of them, facing so much immensity, human being loses the ego. Sighs aren't enough and calendars become confetti when facing that much history.

This post was part of the fifth #LunesDeBlogsGV [3] [Monday of blogs on GV] on June 2, 2014.