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Heartbreak for Ibrahim and Djouma in the Central African Republic

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Ibrahim and Amadou - screen capture of UNHCR video on YouTube [1]

Ibrahim and Amadou – screen capture of UNHCR video on YouTube

Djouma and Amadou Moussa are Ibrahim's parents. Djouma and Ibahim are the two lone survivors of an incredibly violent attack by militiamen that took the lives of 5 of Ibrahim's siblings in the Central African Republic, near the border with Cameroon. The militiamen came while  Amadou Moussa was away. Djouma, 30, recalls the attack [2]

They found me with my children in the house; they gathered all the small children and slaughtered them with machetes. They killed six people, including five children in my presence [..] Ibrahim was among the six children they took. When they hit him with the machetes, they thought he was dead.

As seen in the video [1], Ibrahim bears the scar of the machete attack on his head. But Ibrahim came through, against all odds. Ibrahim's story epitomizes the ongoing plight of refugees from the Central African Republic in Cameroon. 20,000 refugees have crossed the borders since the beginning of the war. A petition was sent to US secretary of State John Kerry to remind him [3] to take the “necessary steps to ensure that the peacekeeping operation is fully funded in FY2015.”