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#CarajoNoMePuedoMorir Impacted on Social Networks in Bolivia

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Not even death chooses me. Fucking hell, I can't die. Image by Mario Durán, used with permission. [Note: the original Spanish image has a mistake, as the correct form of the verb is ELIGE, with a G).

Mario Duran [1] [es], one of the authors behind the blog TICs para el Desarrollo [2], [ICTs for development; es] shares his analysis [3] [es] about the meme with hashtag #CarajoNoMePuedoMorir [4] [roughly translated as Fucking hell, I can't die] after Samuel Doria Medina [5], leader of the National Unity Front [6] in Bolivia, tells how after a plane crash, this phrase came to his mind. The author shows how the phrase became even more popular than the politician who said:

En Facebook, [el meme] tiene un alcance de 52 500 me gusta, superior a la actividad de la fanpage de SDM (17 300 me gusta).

On Facebook, [the meme] has reached 52 500 likes, even more than the activity of SDM fanpage (17 300 likes).

Mario Duran also emphasizes how the virality of the phrase was a lost opportunity for both ruling and opposition parties to spread negative or postiive propaganda, respectively, thus losing an important opportunity. He remembers at the end that he prefers being mocked online to a real activism:

En general, la gente prefiere la comodidad del teclado antes que las acciones en la calle.

In general, people prefer the comfort of the keyboard rather than street actions.

This post was part of the fifth #LunesDeBlogsGV [7] [Monday of blogs on GV] on June 2, 2014.