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Peacekeepers Involved in the Disappearance of 11 Rebels in the Central African Republic

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Peter Bouckaert [1], emergencies director at Human Rights Watch, reports that African Union peacekeepers were involved in arresting at least 11 anti-balaka rebels on March 24. The detained rebels have not been accounted for since their arrest [2] :

Since March 24, there has been no news about the people who were detained. Their relatives have gone to the main MISCA base in Bangui, Camp M’poko, and to all police stations in Bangui, but have not found their loved ones, whom they fear the MISCA soldiers have executed, unless the soldiers are holding them in an undisclosed location. Three separate witnesses said that MISCA soldiers detained at least seven more people along the main road, probably because they were wearing traditional gris-gris amulets associated with the anti-balaka militia. Their names are not known, as they were not from Boali.