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The King of Spain Abdicates, Claims to Install the Third Republic Emerge

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Juan Carlos I [1], King of Spain, publicly announced on June 2, 2014, his decision to abdicate [2] in favor of his son Felipe [3], current Prince of Asturias.

Although most of the reactions [4] [es] from the Spanish political class acknowledges and praises Juan Carlos’ actions during his period as king, there is a leftist sector demanding a referendum [5] [es] to proclaim the Republic.

In the past few years, the Spanish monarchy has lost part of its prestige due to acts of corruption that involved people [6] related to the Crown, or to indiscretions by the King himself, but mostly due to the economic crisis that affects most of the Spanish people, especially the youth [7].

On Twitter there are calls [8] [es] to rallies in several Spanish cities asking for a return of the Republic.

Rallies have been called for #ReferendumNOW all around the state at 20H. We'll keep you posted.

#ReferendumNOW so the youth can decide their future.

Map of callings at 20h +100 cities.

We'll keep you all posted.