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El Salvador: The New Águila Football Club

Categories: Latin America, El Salvador, Citizen Media, Sport

José Díaz blogs [1] [es] on Te hablo de Fútbol [I talk with you about football] about his impressions on the new team coach and the recently hired players for Águila Football Club [2]:

Creo que en Águila deben estar aquellos que de verdad sientan la identidad del equipo, la camiseta emplumada pesa demasiado y pone a cada uno en su sitio, esto es así, han venido extranjeros y también nacionales que no han dado la talla y han deambulado como fantasmas en pena sin demostrar la calidad que se le exige y han tenido que marcharse a las primeras de cambio.

I think that with [the] Águila should be those who really feel a team identity, the adorned with feathers T-shirt is too heavy and puts everybody in their place. This is like that, some foreign [players] have arrived and so have locals that haven't been good enough and have wandered as lost souls without showing the required quality and had to leave in no time.

This post was part of the fourth #LunesDeBlogsGV [3] [Monday of blogs on GV] on May 26, 2014.