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Information Hub for Humanitarian Aid for Bosnia and Herzegovina Floods

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POINT [1], the international conference on political accountability and new technologies in Sarajevo, has used its skills to aid in relief of the ongoing disaster affecting three Balkan countries – Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia. BosniaFloods.org [2], the first tool developed by the participants, specifically targets Bosnia, because the situation in this country was made particularly abysmal [3] because its government structure hindered disaster coordination [4].

In Bosnia, the floods and landslides directly affect over 1.36 million people [5], about 1/4 of the population, and lack of information in English inhibits people abroad who would like to help. The multinational team congregates and translates bits of information currently spread around the web. It addresses their credibility, mindful that in Serbia and possibly elsewhere there were attempts to swindle prospective donors via false bank accounts. Money is probably the easiest kind of aid to send. The people affected also need food, clothes and medical aid that can be delivered from other European countries, as well as volunteers who could coordinate such efforts within their countries.