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An Experience with Ciberbullying

Arely Torres Miranda writes [es] on Mujeres Construyendo [Women Building] about her own experience with ciberbullying:

That's when I understood that I hadn't been part of a social phenomenon I didn't even know how to start addressing, I didn't quite understand that dynamics and, above all, I had no idea of how to stop it. While I was making some phone calls, tweeted San Luis cyberpolice and got phone calls from sisters, on Facebook, as usual, part of the organized civil society, mostly about Human Rights, Gender and Non Discrimination, created a network through which, until today, we keep on filing, reporting and working on cases of so called “ciberbullying”. For this specific case, on that same day, at 20.30, the page “Quemones en San Luis” [San Luis’ shames] was pulled down thanks to each and every individual who took a minute to report the page on Facebook… but this was just getting started.

This post was part of the fourth #LunesDeBlogsGV (Monday of blogs on GV) on May 26, 2014.

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