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Venezuela: Answering Dieterich

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After reading an interview [1] [es] on Spiegel Online to German sociologist Heinz Dieterich [2], who purposts “Socialism of the 21st Century [3]“, Adriana Vigilanza commented [4] [es] on the blog Apertura Venezuela what Dieterich said. Below, a couple of them. Adriana's comments are italicized:

S O: What has happened that people are ready to risk their lives in the srweets?
Dieterich: There is a combination of factors: first, infinite death rhetoric by president Nicolas Maduro, that divides Venezuelans in “fascists” and “loyals.” To add on this, we have the prison of oppostion leader Leopoldo López and the serious problems that country is having, which allowed radical sectors to movilized frustrated people.
Dieterich has the wrong information about Venezuela. “The infinite death rhetoric”, that exists without a doubt, was created by [late president Hugo] Chávez, who even invented the slogan “Socialist nation or death”. Nicolas Maduro only continues what the other one started, adviced Dieterich.


S O: Is it likely for the president to be toppled?
Dieterich: On the guidelines of Chavismo, the discussion will go on about an effective way out to the crisis without considering this as a toppling. Meanwhile, it's clear to everybody that Maduro has no concept nor tools for modernizing the country. He used to think and thinks that it's enough to emulate his predecessor Hugo Chávez on the rhetoric and choreography and to keep the economic model.
Better said than that, impossible. The “Socialism of the 21st Century” he invented and that Chávez implemented, was (and still) pure “rethoric and choreography.”

The post reviewd here was part of the fourth #LunesDeBlogsGV [5] [Monday of blogs on GV] on May 26, 2014.