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Cuesta de Miranda, Argentina

Categories: Latin America, Argentina, Citizen Media, Travel

Laura Schneider shares [1] [es] on Viajes y Relatos her visit to Cuesta de Miranda [2] [Miranda Slope; es] in La Rioja [3], province of Argentina.

The word “slope” already makes me think of cliffs and corniches, so without a doubt I tried the road. The worst case scenario was me coming back. Paved road most of the way, and little by little big mountains appear, more than 70 million years old, vermilion colored, not even red, an color of rage, life, presence. Large mountain valleys appeared, vermilion, vermilion. By saying it twice it was like feeling more the color.


Foto de Laura Schneider, usada con autorización.

The post reviewd here was part of the first [4] #LunesDeBlogsGV [Monday of blogs on GV] on May 5, 2014.