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Colombia: Voting for War or Peace

Categories: Latin America, Colombia, Citizen Media, Elections, Politics, War & Conflict

Journalist Natalia Bonilla writes [1] [es] on Ser Cosmopolita about Colombia presidential election [2] on Sunday, May 25, with a result that has raised a dilemma for Colombians:

Oscar Zuluaga and Juan Manuel Santos, won yesterday the first round with 29% and 26% of the votes, respectively. However, the victory for one of them lies in how the people consider that the armed conflict against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) can be solved: through war or peace.

After exposing the context of the armed conflict and the candidates’ proposals, she concludes:

On June 15, Zuluaga and Santos will contend for Colombia's future. Santos has a presidential path full of controversies [3] [es], but his public policies have allowed the country to gradually grow economically. Santos has (for better or worse) support from important media outlets, Zuluaga doesn't. Zuluaga proposes a solid campaign for descentralizing government, reinforcing security and imprvoing health and education services. He has not been free from controversies either [4] [es].

Having this in mind, on Sunday, June 15, who will Colombia elect for peace?

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