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Are Colombian Librarians Updated, Technologically Speaking?

Categories: Latin America, Colombia, Citizen Media, Education, Technology

Jaider Ochoa-Gutiérrez wonders [1] [es] on Infotecarios if ordinary librarians are updated on technological issues that influence their profession, such as content curation, big data, labs among others, and answers from his own experience:

I must confess that, to me (and after speaking with some colleagues), the issue is still vague; at least in Colombia there is not a clear goal yet. We are almost an “exclusive” group, those who are addressing these issues, as many times when I speak with colleagues in libraries, most of the times they don't know what these topics are about, they review and ask “researcher” colleagues on universities, and are surprised when we talk about this.

Jaider explains it and suggest some readings on his post.

The post reviewed here was part of the first [2] #LunesDeBlogsGV [Monday of blogs on GV] on May 5, 2014, submitted by @Infotecarios [3].