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The Legalisation of Political Repression in Ethiopia

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia, Citizen Media, Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, Media & Journalism, Politics

Beza Tesfaye describes [1] how the Ethiopian government legalises political repression in the country:

It has been one month since the latest round of repression against government critics in Ethiopia began. Last weekend, the Zone9 bloggers and three journalists who were arrested in late April appeared in court. To date, very little information has been given about the crimes the bloggers and journalists are accused of committing or the reasons why they are being held practically incommunicado. Rather than indicting the prisoners during the recent court appearance, the presiding judge gave police an additional 28 days to investigate the case, sending the nine bloggers and journalists back to jail without officially charging them. It was the second time since their arrest that the court has delayed the process, and knowing Ethiopia’s dodgy laws around “crimes against the state,” it probably will not be the last time.