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Not Everything is Cyberbullying in Juvenile Violence

Categories: Latin America, Mexico, Citizen Media, Youth

From Mexico, as a result of the murder of a teenager by her friend, faeriedevilish writes [1] [es] for SocialTic about children, ICT, and violence in the media:

In every note, it says as follows: a 16-year old girl sends threatening messages to her friend, they seem to have a love-hate relationship. Things get complicated due to an alleged sexual-picture of this girl being shared on Facebook. Eventually, she takes her threats seriously and stabs the other girl to death, 65 times. The media outlets conclusion: all was due to the pictures on Facebook, as it is logical to conclude that a teenager, as a result of her private pictures being spread, may feel “the urge” of murdering violently her friend.

The blogger points out that the presence of pshychiatric disorders is not being explored, and among other things, she recommends:

2) Let's jump into fast conclusions about the role bullying or technology have in juvenile violenceLet's read [2]. Let's reflect. Let's dialogue. Let's find what really happened.

The post reviewed here was part of the first [3] #LunesDeBlogsGV [Monday of blogs on GV] on May 5, 2014, submitted by @SocialTic [4].