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Migrants in Times of Crisis

Categories: Western Europe, Spain, Citizen Media, Migration & Immigration

Julen at the Artisan Consulting Network points [1] [es] at some of the problems should migrants and their condition of being threatened, strangers, others: 

Coy glances, whispered conversations. The other is no longer mine. Maybe he thought that some day he would be. Or not. But not now, it is no longer possible. It is unnecessary. A dispensable human. That is a bother, that usurps, that occupies a space that does not belong to him. Without rights. You are on borrowed time. Get out of here.

He ends with this reflection:

So hard, cruel, and absurd. That is how I have seen and felt it. How hard it is for you and for your family, being who you are. My admiration, migrant. Mi admiration.

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