16 May 2014

Stories from 16 May 2014

GV Face: Freeing Ethiopia's Zone 9 Bloggers

GV Face  16 May 2014

Nine bloggers and journalists -- four of them Global Voices members -- are currently being detained in Ethiopia because of their work. Learn how you can support the #FreeZone9Bloggers campaign!

Trinidad & Tobago: Accounting for TSTT

  16 May 2014

When one considers the far-reaching scope of the Inquiry; the size and role of TSTT and the…proposals for the State to relinquish a critical 2% of its share, it is clear that these matters are of the utmost, long-term public importance. Afra Raymond blogs about the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament's...

Galician Influence in Argentina

  16 May 2014

The digital edition of Rumbos [es] magazine analyzes the Galician influence in Argentina, and explains the country had two big migratory flows: between 1857 and 1930, a millon Galician arrived; and between 1946 and 1960, came another 110,000. From that total amount, 600,000 made Argentina their final home. Thus, half...