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Women Bloggers and Mother's Day

Categories: Latin America, Mexico, Citizen Media, Women & Gender

Women bloggers at Mujeres Construyendo [Women building] celebrated [1] [es] Mother's Day to no surprise: blogging!

Beyond the huge ads that can be seen for presents on this occasion, we have decided to invite you to reflect on this date and share posts and thoughts by women bloggers from our community.

With the hashtag #sermadre [2] [being a mother] we've made the proposition to write about meaning motherhood has for each woman. From that point, courageous women and, of course, women building, have opened their hearts to share very brave testimonies and sentiments of what motherhood meant to them and how they've got through it.

We invite you to read and share them with all those you care for and that you think will find a meaning within these testimonies and storie.

On the post you can find a list and a short description of the post by the women blogger, we invite you to read them!

The post reviewed here was part of the second #LunesDeBlogsGV [3] [Monday of blogs on GV] on May 12, 2014.