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Indiference and Manipulation in Colombian Electoral Campaign

Categories: Latin America, Colombia, Citizen Media, Elections, Politics

Uriel Hernando Anzola Rojas writes [1] [es] on No me crean tan aguacate about the current political moment in Colombia facing upcoming presidential elections [2]:

We are a country of forgetful individuales, indifferent or scaredy cats. I don't know which one of the three or if it's a mix of all three. […] And [president] Santos knows that. He knows we, as people, will never rise up against him. That those of us who dare to speak out will end up pointed at and condemned as enemies of peace, as warlikes. We rose up once, chanting NO MORE FARC; and besides being a beautiful spectacle for aerial pictures… it didn't work at all.

Uriel adds:

Today everybody is talking about the renowned hacker at Óscar Iván Zuluaga's campaign. Everybody saw that so called journalist Vicky Dávila interviewing that infamous JJ Rendón in his apartment in Miami. Everybody got indignant because Francisco Santos posts on YouTube, why he is voting for Zuluaga and not Santos. They got indignant…”you don't treat family like that”. We are so easy to be handled by the media that if they are shocked, we are all shocked.

And concludes:

The only tool we have are social networks until the high birth child (Vargas Lleras) and enemy of street urchins figures out a law to limit the Internet. We won't be quiet. let's not be fooled. Let's get confused.

The post reviewed here was part of the second #LunesDeBlogsGV [3] [Monday of blogs on GV]  on May 12, 2014.