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Google Nest, They Know Your Data

Categories: Latin America, Mexico, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Humor, Technology

The blog Infoactivismo reports [1] [es] about the parodic launching of Google Nest [2] on the recent edition of Re:publica 14 [3] in Berlin. After reviewing the fictitious features of the product, the site adds:

The goal was to make evident the policies of data usage people are accepting with considering the amount of information they lend to third parties. So, infoactivist, we recommend you to visit seguridaddigital.tumblr.com [4] [es] where you will find many option to replace the tools you use with more safer ones.

The post reviewed here was part of the second #LunesDeBlogsGV [5] [Monday of blogs on GV] on May 12, 2014.