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Peru and NetMundial: Same Old, Same Old… or Worse

Categories: Latin America, Brazil, Peru, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Technology

Chillinfart writes [1] [es] on V de Vergüenza about NetMundial [2], which he considers as a farce. To him this was:

a meeting just for the sake of the picture, with core topics revolving around the share-out for Internet domains and concerns about cybersecurity (ring a bell?), leaving aside topics as neutrality on the net. In fact [telecommunication provider] Telefónica used the context [3] [es] and asked messaging service to provide “colaboraction”.

After noting that, in his opinion, there is lack of understanding about some associations of Internet in Peru about assistants to NetMundial, and says about official Peruvian intervention on the conference:

Fortunately, Peru went off only on holidays [4] [es] to this event. Really, if Peru was part or not, in any case we'd lose, either because of the doublespeak (whuile we suffer from the same problem as in Brazil) or because of the known fear from authoridaties and private sector have to Internet and exprssed in more than a way, up to the point that VICE magazine pointed out that mediocrity in telecommunications benefits piracy [5] by inhibiting the access to the offer there is online.

The post reviewed here was part of the first [6] #LunesDeBlogsGV [Monday of blogs on GV] on May 5, 2014.