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Venezuela: Pro-government Website Goes Briefly Offline

Categories: Venezuela, Citizen Media

After website Aporrea [1] [es] went briefly offline on May 10, 2014, a number of comments appeared on Twitter. Apparently the portal domain was withdrawn for a while, thus revealing that the page is hosted somewhere in the United States. To many people, that the most important portal for Venezuelan pro-government opinions depends on services based in the US opens up criticism and discussion about the problem foreign currency blockade and its inevitable consequences.

This is the evidence. RT @victoramaya [3]: dollar shortage finally affected Aporrea… their domain expired and they haven't paid for it.

Anthonny Arias outilnes the irony in the situation:

Really, I've been laughing as Aporrea doesn't have the big bucks to pay for the domain. LOL!

Lastly, Publio Escipión expresses doubts from the critical texts published on the portal in the last months:

Aporrea got pounded. The domain expired yesterday. There are no dollars or they were closed due to the criticism?