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Paraguay: Heavy Rains Complicate Assistance Efforts in Affected Areas

Categories: Latin America, Paraguay, Citizen Media, Disaster

The heavy rains affecting the Southwestern Paraguayan department of Ñeembucú [1] raise concerns as 100% of the agricultural production for self-consumption has been destroyed, according the local media [2] [es] reports. On Monday, May 12, the delivery of goods had to be suspended due to weather harshness. Aldo Saldívar, director of logistic support at the National Emergency Service [3] [es] informed that 87% of the affected population has received some kind of assistance, there had been rescues and aid for those people who refused to abandon their houses.

On Twitter, some users are sharing videos and joining the aid efforts:

Tomorrow in Ňeembucu in emergency. Are you joining us? Take a look to this video.