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Reflections on Mother's Day

Categories: Latin America, Mexico, Citizen Media, Ideas, Women & Gender

Mother's Day [1] is here and Claudia Díaz from Mexico writes [2] [es] on PlayMommy about mothers that will celebrate this occasion from her own experience.

My first Mother's Day was very on my own way, as I really hated all the marketing paraphernalia that considered me a pretext to spend some money in gifts “for mom”, where they kept saying my golden dreams are blenders, a new living room, some chilaquiles* [3] au gratin. Where are mothers’ real needs?

And she also expresses how she thinks these celebrations should be:

I'd love that, in the future, Mother's Day at my children's school were panel discussions for debating about key topics for the Mexican family, conferences about the huge labor mothers have in raising children, awareness about the need of positive leadership for the family, and respect for women and children, the importance of language of live when it comes to couple relationship.

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