Investigative Journalists Report on Macedonian Government Official's Hidden Wealth

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), together with Macedonian Nova TV and the Czech Center for Investigative Journalism published an investigative piece about the amassed wealth of the head of Macedonian Secret Service Sasho Mijalkov, who also happens to be a first cousin to the current Prime Minister of Macedonia. Among other things, the article cites:

Mijalkov belongs to a small clique of men who run Macedonia – men that include his cousin and best man. Meanwhile, under his leadership, his agency has been criticized for dodging oversight, failing to meet European Union standards and for intruding in places it should not.

This career government official owns number of businesses and properties in Macedonia and Czech Republic, where his father Jordan Mijalkov (1933-1991) hеld the position of manager of a foreign trade company during socialist Yugoslavia.

The Mijalkov-Gruevski political dynasty has held power during much of Macedonia's transition. Jordan Mijalkov was the first Minister of Interior after the country gained independence, until his death in car crash. His sister's son Nikola Gruevski was Minister of Finance (1999-2002) and Prime Minister (2006-2014). The son, Sasho Mijalkov, who is seen as the grey eminence behind the family “throne”, served in Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito's Honor Guard alongside his brother as military policemen [mk], and has held high positions in the ministries of Defense and Interior of Macedonia since 1998. He was a protagonist in a recent story covered by Global Voices, regarding the use of a defamation lawsuit as a means of punishment and intimidation against independent media.


  • Makedonier1991

    NOVA TV is a bunch of jerks of the opposition, if they investigate thats just in maner to take over the government for their own criminal activities as they did when they ruled the government once.

    • Filip Stojanovski

      Apart from your hateful attempt for character assassination of the brave journalists, is there something untrue in the investigative report on the wealth of Macedonian rulers?

      • peter7260

        Have you looked at Crvenkovskis,Zaevs,Sekerinskas and Frckovskis criminal records?.
        I will give you few such criminal record for each of these people as follows;
        Crvenkovski during the embargo on Milosevic,he Crvenkovski was shipping oil with a kick back from the criminal that was delivering the oil to Milosevic.Receiving money from a foreign country for anti-Macedonian propaganda while serving as the head of the country Sekerinska laundering money through her husbands work,and as Crvenkovski receiving money from a foreign country.Zaev stole 8,000,000 euro from Global,paid no taxes to the state.
        Frckovski tried to bribe the president of Macedonia for the purpose of receiving money from a foreign country by offering a Rolex watch along with 2,000,000 dollars donated by present PM of Greece Samaras for the purpose of selling its own people for their monetary gain without the consideration of the people of Macedonia.
        Are you trying to compare these criminals with the present day government that are working to improve the lives of the Macedonian citizens?.What did the Crvenkovski party done in 16 years?.Oh pardon,they all become millioners,and on top of it they put the yoke on Macedonia’s progress by collaborating with Macedonias enemy #1 Greece.

        • Stig789

          Fyroms main enemy is Gruevski that tries to hide Fyroms real Bulgarian roots and ancestry.

          Of course when you falsify history you are going to make all your neighbors in to enemies.

          Maybe it is time to open any history book and learn real history rather than the fairy-tales promoted by Gruevskis propaganda,

          What you write is pure lies and you cant prove it either.

          • peter7260

            I don’t need a Tatar or an Arvanoturkos to tell me who I am.
            Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is a patriot not the likes of traitors as Crvenkovski,Zaev, Sekerinska,Frckovski and others from that party.These people should appear in front of a judge and deal as Alexander did with Philotas,get it?
            As for your comment;Europe does not need Tatars and Arvanoturkous,both are the worst member countries that are giving the EU financial havoc.Both Bulgaria and Yunanistan fabricate history because it is obvious,you don’t have your own.Your history started with the illegal partition of Macedonia in 1913.Macedonia has no problems with its neighbors,it is our neighbors who have problems since 1913,the fly buzzes around your heads.

          • Stig789

            It seems people from Fyrom are rascist , uneducated and diseased with ultra nationalistic propaganda.
            Fyrom before 1944 when the communist created a new language and a new name for people that had beem self determined Bulgarians for over 1000 years. Before 1944 Fyrom was called Vardarska. Before 1913 Fyrom was part of the Ottoman empire for 480 years and their name was Kosovo Villayet. Before the Ottomans Fyroms territory was Bulgarian empire with its Byzanntine Greek empire (in the real Macedonia) to the south and its enemy. Before the Bulgarians/slavs from Fyrom arrived in the area it was part of Roman empire. During ancient times Fyrom territory was Paeonia.
            Never ever have the former Bulgarians that today pretends to be “Macedonians” ruled or owned an area called Macedonia.
            Maybe you can enlighten us how “Macedonia” was partitioned when you never have owned the area? Or maybe you miss those 480 years of Turkish rule?
            If I would guess I bet you where one of those confused people that stated the Bucharest treaty would expire 2013. But Of course it never came true since it was based on pure lies and propaganda. Fyroms identity is based on pure lies , hate , rascism and falsification of history

          • peter7260

            Stig789,either you are a Bulgarian idiot or Greek idiot,don’t make any difference.You are sick due to the fact you don’t know who you are from the mixture of your blood line.
            Well,Archaeology professor Andronikos said it right in Kutlesh Vergina, “Macedonia is the cradle of humanity”.
            I will complete my comment by the words of one of the founding fathers of the USA John Adams,who in 1783 said;”The project of setting at liberty the whole country of ancient Greece,Macedonia and Illyricum,and erecting independent Republics in those famous seats…The Greeks of this day,although they are said to have imagination and ingenuity,are corrupted in their morals to such a degree,as to be a faithless,perfidious race,destitute of courage,as well as of those principles of honor and virtue,without which nations can have no confidence in one another,nor be trusted by others.”

            Adams then goes on to describe the Greeks as people…230 years later they are still described in the same way,
            “:corrupted in their morals to such a degree,as to be faithless,perfidious race,destitute of courage..”.Ouch!!

          • peter7260

            Stig789,first you need to learn history,and for starters Macedonia is the oldest country in Europe that retained its name Macedonia.
            In ancient times and Roman Empire there was no Bulgaria as a nation.
            My suggestion to you is go and f#*^# yourself.

          • Stig789

            Yet again you failed to explain how Macedonia was partitioned?

            1913 the people in Fyrom according to every university in the world was self determined Bulgarians that lived in the Turkish ruled Kosovo Vilayett for 480 years.

            All universities in the world states the people of Fyrom are ancestors of Bulgarians (like Tsar Samuil , Misirikov , Saint Klement etc ). Hence you speak Bulgarian , have Bulgarian city names like Kutlesh and Solun , If you where Macedonians you would use Macedonian names like Vergina and Thessaloniki

            Did you forget to read your recent ancestors books?

            “And, anyway, what sort of new Macedonian nation can this be when we and our fathers and grandfathers and great-grandfathers have always been called Bulgarians? ”

            Krste Misirkov, “On Macedonian Matters”, 1903

            “We are Slavs who came to this area in the sixth century (AD)… we are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians. ”

            Kiro Gligorov, (first democraticaly elected president of FYROM, referring to the citizens of his country), Foreign Information Service Daily Report, Eastern Europe, February 26, 1992

          • Voden

            before 1944 croatia was called Save and Littarol (they never used croatia) so should they change there name to ‘the Former Yugoslav Republic of Save and Littarol’ FYROSAL?

            or how about serbia… before 1944 modern serbia was divided up between Marova, Danube and Drina binovina inside yugoslavia

            oh and how about Slovenia, before 1944 there terretory was called Drave.

            and lets not forget Montenegro which was called Zeta inside yugoslavia before 1944.

            i suggest you read up on more detailed history and not just cherry pick points like macedonia was call Vardar before 1944 which is true but means nothing in a broder sense.

      • Makedonier1991

        You are the typical example of these so called “Journalists”, if it is something said against your maner you call it “hate speech”. You are a lazy clown who makes many for political motiviation. You are getting well paid by Soros funds and other anti-macedonian organization. Opameti se pred da opematet govedo

        • peter7260

          Right on!!Macedonia existed centuries before the Tatars moved to this peninsula.During the excavation of Macedonian Royal Tombs in Kutlesh(Vergina) archeology professor Andronikos said it righ;”Macedonia is the cradle of history”.
          Macedonia is the only country that retained its ancient name.Macedonian people are the oldest people in Europe!!

          • Stig789

            The whole world knows you are ancestors of Bulgarians. There is a reason you use Bulgarian city names like Solun instead of Macedonian version of Thessaloniki. All your ancestors wrote books in pure Bulgarian.
            Later in 1944 you got your new identity and langauge

            Maybe you can explain the words of your famous ancestor?

            “We are Bulgarians, more Bulgarians than the Bulgarians in Bulgaria themselves. ”

            Krste Misirkov, “On Macedonian Matters”, 1903

          • Voden

            who the heck is Kriste Misirkov??? fyi in 1903 there where two factions of VMRO (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization), one which was figting for an independant macedonia, which organised the Ilinden uprising of 1903, and the other which was funded by Bulgaria which wanted macedonia to join bulgaria in an attemt to realise ‘greater bulgaria’ as promested to them in the ‘treaty of san stefano – 1878’ it is obvious Krste Misirkov was part of the latter.

            Now about this ‘We are Bulgarian, more Bularian then the Bulgarians in Bulgaria’ well let me answer this in a slightly different way… if someone had written ‘We are Canadians, more Canadian then the Canadians in Canada’ what would you think about the person who wrote that??would you say that they are native canadian ‘i.e.anglo/french/celtic’ or a recent immigrant of non-‘anglo/celtic’ background who is trying to prove that they are Canadian??

          • Stig789

            Borza writes about you former Bulgarians: The whole world have already called your bluf and propaganda:

            “Modern Slavs, both Bulgarians and Macedonians, cannot establish a link with antiquity, as the Slavs entered the Balkans centuries after the demise of the ancient Macedonian kingdom. Only the most radical Slavic factions—mostly émigrés in the United States, Canada, and Australia—even attempt to establish a connection to antiquity […] The twentieth-century development of a Macedonian ethnicity, and its recent evolution into independent statehood following the collapse of the Yugoslav state in 1991, has followed a rocky road. In order to survive the vicissitudes of Balkan history and politics, the Macedonians, who have had no history, need one.”

            Eugene N. Borza, “Macedonia Redux”, in “The Eye Expanded: life and the arts in Greco-Roman Antiquity”, ed. Frances B Tichener & Richard F. Moorton, University of California Press, 1999

          • peter7260

            Stig789,read the following carefully so your brain does not freeze.
            Mario Alinei,Dean Emiritus of the University of Utrecht,Director of several Linguistic Reviews and Progenitor of the Continuity Theory,states;
            “I have to commence by clearing away one of the most absurd consequences of the traditional chronology namely,that of the arrival of the Slavs into the immense area in which they now live.
            The only logical conclusion can be that the Southern branch of the Slavs is the oldest and that from it developed the Slavic Western and Eastern branches…Today only a minority of experts support the theory of a late migration of the Slavs.

            Recent genetic studies conducted by Oxford University reveal that todays ethnic Macedonians carry only 15.2% of the Slav gene,slightly above modern Greeks and Albanians and less than Serbs and Bulgarians!
            They further reveal that todays ethnic Macedonians have the highest amount of the Mediterranean gene of all European people!

            This was also confirmed by the University of Madrid studies.In a court of law,it is genetic proof that is conclusive,I might add!

            Here is a suggestion for the Greeks,how about DNA tests on the remains of the Royal Macedonian Tombs,uncovered and desecrated by “Greeks”in todays occupied Macedonia?
            Follow this up with genetic tests on modern Greek and Macedonian population…we will soon see the truth!
            Further,there is no pure Slav people…just like there is no pure “Greek”.

            In summation…Ethnic,yes todays Ethnic Macedonians cannot possibly be of the Old Mediterranean substratum if they were Slavs arriving in the Balkans in 6th CAD as the 19th century Western construct asserts!!
            Todays ethnic Macedonians are authocthonous to Macedonia,it is very simple! Their language,unintelligable to the ancient Greeks,was a form of proto Macedonian/Slav,which then spread outward,becoming more complex as it moved further away from Macedonia.
            Countless proto Macedonian letters unearthed on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia,and no doubt in Pirin and Aegean Macedonia,though the respective occupiers have no doubt concealed them from the world because it does not fit their lies,attest to this fact!”

            If you want more information on Macedonian history,I will gladly write to you next time,perhaps tomorrow?.

          • Stig789

            So lets summarize all history that the former Bulgarians from Fyrom have falsified to pretend to be Macedonians. Lets go through each historical period

            Ancient Egypt. The people in Fyrom are taught that their Bulgarian dialect that was renamed “Macedonian” in 1944 is actually one of the languages in the famous ancient Egyptian Rosetta stone.

            Byzanntine period. The world famous Byzantinne monks Cyrilic and Metoddius are not Greeks any more in Fyrom. But a former Bulgarian

            Slavic history. Fyrom is the center of universe and where all Slavic people origins from .

            Tsar Samuil the famous Bulgarian emperor are not Bulgarian anymore in Fyom. Saint Klement is not Bulgarian anymore in Fyrom

            Famous Bulgarians like Misirikov is not Bulgarian anymore in Fyrom
            The Bulgarian Milidanov brothers and their work “Bulgarian folk songs” have just in Fyrom become the Macedonian Mildanov brothers and their word “Macedonian” folksongs

            The Bucharest treaty will expire 2013 because Macedonia was illegal partitioned

            One comical clumsy falsification of history after an other.

            You ultra nationalist used to adore Borza. But the historians like Borza even writes about the reason why you former Bulgarians tries to falsify history

            “who have had no history, need one.”

            Next we are going the look what real history books and universities opinions about all these “facts”

          • peter7260

            Stig789,I have never met a brainwashed person as you.Obviously you are a Tatar as is B Dimitrov your father of Bulgarian history who changes his mind as the wind blows.He wrote that,the Tatars came to this peninsula from Volga,then he wrote from Bahtria,and the latest one,he said;maybe we came from Persia.My question to you is;where did you came from?.
            The fact remains,you Tatars have no history of your own,neither does Yunanistan.Once again,why is it two different nations are claiming the Macedonian history for their own,does that make any sense?.
            If you can answer at least my last question,I don’t mind continuing this conversation,and if you have no balls to do so,then our communication ends right here.Have a nice day!

          • Stig789

            So lets start to debunk the former Bulgarians propaganda. Lets start with the Egyptian history they try to falsify.

            On natinional TV the people are taught that their Bulgarian dialect that was renamed to “Macedonian” in communist Yugoslavia, is actually ancient and on the world famous ancient Egyptian rosetta stone.

            Anyone with just a very limited education would find this comical and absurd. But remember Borza’s words that the former Bulgarians from Fyrom that pretends to be “Macedonians” , don’t have a history but they need one.

            So then lets the question if the Egyptionas agrees to this absurd claim. Or if the world famouse British museum that holds the stone agrees to the fiction the former Bulgarians have made up.

            Here is the link to British museum that confirms Fyroms falsification of history”

            Of course the former Bulgarians propaganda cant be seen anywhere outside of Fyrom

            But if any ultra nationalist from Fyrom are interested to contact British museum ,here are the contacts , +44 (0) 20 7323 8311

            That raises more questions. If Fyroms identity is created on pure lies , propaganda and falsification of history , what are they really then?

            Can this be be dangerous for the area?Lets remember the last ethnic insanity generated from Yugoslavia.

            Lets see what their recent ancestors stated:

            “We are Bulgarians, more Bulgarians than the Bulgarians in Bulgaria themselves. ”

            Krste Misirkov, “On Macedonian Matters”, Macedonian Review 1903

          • Voden

            stig, please explain to me how/why macedonian’s are bulgarian?
            if you are baseing it on the fact that both macedonians and bulgaians speak a slavic laguage, both are both Orthodox christian and use the cyrilic alphabet, well then by that logic Bugarians are really just Ukrainians… because the Bulagria dialect choosen by Bulagria in the late 19th centrey is the black sea dialec around Burgus which is pretty close to the southern Ukrainian dialec near odessa, and they are both orthodox and use cyrilic, So tell me are Bulagrian just brainwashed Ukrainians???

          • Voden

            i love how modern greeks like to use the name ‘Byzantium’ which as a word never existed before 1800’s, and its funny how they don’t use the real name of ‘East Roman’ which is what they really were.

            fyi…Byzantium never existed it was the ‘Eastern Roman Empire’.

            but in an attempt to falsly claim the ‘Eastern Roman Empire’ as greek, modern greeks like to use Byzanntium instend.

            let me make this point very clear… if cyril and metodi are not considerd native people of macedonia then they should be conidered Roman and definatly not Greek, i would also like to point out that cyril lived before the great schism of 1054 as is buried in Rome (inside the vatican) so he is definatly not greek.

            Greeks need to stop claim everything and everyone as greek.

          • Stig789

            How can anyone believe in Fyros home made propaganda.
            Did you call British museum to verify if your Bulgarian dialect is ancient and on the world famous Egyptian Rosetta stone as you claim.
            If that was just a lie, then why should anyone even read the rest of your nonsense?

          • Sf

            You make many errors and omissions.

            1. Byzantium was essentially Greek (it was primarily a Greek speaking empire albeit technically a Roman state).

            2. You falsely claim Byzantium never existed. The name Byzantium is actually a reference to the older Greek name of city of Constantinople.

            3. The name Byzantium to describe the Eastern Roman Empire was not due to Greeks as you falsely claim. The name assigned by a German (as the Germans claimed to be the “real” Romans during the middle ages — thet also referenced the Eastern Roman empire as the empire of the Greeks)

            4. The Eastern Roman Empire much like the Holy Roman Empire, was citizenship and religious based not ethnic. Within the empire there were people that had different ethnic identities (including ones that considered ancient Greeks their ancestors)

            5. You former Yugoslavians would best look into your own history as former ethnic Bulgarians before lecturing anyone else on history. You might also want to learn the difference between ancient Paeonia and ancient Kiingdom of Macedonia (located squarely in Greece) Your fraudulent claims that you are related to ancient Macedonians are absurd. The very fact your apologists now try to downplay your obvious state propaganda and hate speech is evidence of their bigotry towards Greeks.

          • Sf

            Lets make this point very clear… slavs are not considered native people of Macedonia. Slavs are also not “ethnic” Macedonians. They entered the region long after ancient Greek Macedonian empire ended. Any connection whatsoever they have to actual Macedonians is vis-a-vis whatever relationship they have to Greeks.

          • Sf

            Source for your crackpots claims?

            The scientists in Skopje (former Yugoslavia) recently did the single biggest DNA study on and found most of its SLAVIC citizens (i.e not Macedonians) are mostly closely genetically related to their Slavic cousins in Bulgaria and Serbia.

            If you cared about actual facts, you would mention most of you are direct descendents of people that still self-identified as ethnic Bulgarians in the early 20th century. There isnt’ a single “ethnic” Macedonia in FYROM. It is a identity built on fraud by ultra nationalist. (you being an example of this behavior)

          • peter7260

            Sf,you are an idiot to begin with.Let me tell you why.The DNA and genetic testing was done by the Madrid and Oxford Universities.When one such as you believes otherwise,yes, you are an idiot.
            ” Genetic studies conducted by Oxford University reveal that todays ethnic Macedonians carry only 15.2% of the Slav gene,slightly above modern Greeks and Albanians and less than Serbs and Bulgarians!
            They further reveal that todays ethnic Macedonians have the highest amount of the Mediterranean gene of all European people!
            Todays ethnic Macedonians are authocthonous to Macedonia”.
            Since you are discarding the findings of these prestigious Universities,I must tell you, you don’t have any higher education than those of Madrid and Oxford Universities for sure.Your education must be based on B.Dimitrov,the father of the Bulgarian history.By the way,he does not even know from where did the Tatars came to this area.First he said,”we came
            from Volga,than he said from Bahtria,and get this,maybe from Persia”.
            It is ironic,a person considered as the father of Bulgarias history does not know the roots of the Tatars.Do you pretend as him?.

          • Stig789

            This is what you can find in Oxford or in any university or encyclopedia in the world:

            “The concept of a “Macedonian” ethnicity, distinct from their Orthodox Balkan neighbours, is seen to be a comparatively newly emergent one.[70][71][72][73][74][75] The earliest manifestation of a Macedonian identity emerged in the late 19th century, and this was consolidated by Yugoslav governmental policy from the 1940s.[76][77][78][79][80]”

            “Yet, throughout the Middle Ages and up until the early 20th century[79][80][91] the Slavic speaking majority in the Region of Macedonia were more commonly referred to (both, by themselves and outsiders) as Bulgarians.[92][93][94]”

          • Stig789

            Hence Fyroms ancestors used to proudly write about their Bulgarian roots:

            We are Bulgarians, more Bulgarians than the Bulgarians in Bulgaria themselves.”

            Krste Misirkov, “On Macedonian Matters”, Macedonian Review 1903

            What happened between 1903 and 2014 Peter?

          • Stig789

            And then they turned into ancient Macedonians after 1999

            We are not related to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the Great. We are Slavs and our language is closely related to Bulgarian. There is some confusion about our identity.”

            Gyordan Veselinov, (Referring to the citizens of FYROM) Ottawa Citizen, February 24, 1999

            Yes you are confused Peter.

          • peter7260

            Stig789,as I have said to you on my last answere to yo,you are an idiot.Now,why do I say that?,because you have no idea what you are talking.In 1940 part of and present Republic of Macedonia was under the administration of Serbia since 1913 as is Aegean and Pirin Macedonia under Greece and Bulgaria respectively.
            Stig789,you are one or the other,a)you are an uneducated “seliak”or b) you are plane stupid individual.
            I will give you two short reasons why I think you are what you are;
            Bulgaria’s claim of the Macedonians being Bulgarians is strictly political.They have invaded Macedonia several times during the Ottoman Empire and second World War with the collaboration with the Nazis.
            Greece refer to the Macedonians as Bulgars for two reasons,and that is to usurp the Macedonian history.The second reason is to deny the existence of the Macedonian minority in Greece.
            The UN had sent Miss.MacDougal to Greece to find out the situation of the minorities.I ask you,have you read that report that the UN representative filed as a record on the Greeks not respecting the Human Rights?
            Have you read the interview of former PM of Greece Mitsotakis on the question of the Macedonian minority and recognition of the republic of Macedonia in 1995?.
            The DNA and Genetic tests at the Madrid and Oxford Universities were never rebuffed by anyone,except ones as stupid as you!!!

          • Stig789

            Maybe you can call the world famous genetic researches below about your debunked falsified DNA report. You people have no pride or dignity?

            “Dropped genetics
            paper lacked scientific merit”

            “Although population genetics can address issues of relatedness of populations, mating patterns, migrations and so on, obviously it cannot provide evidence about reasons for conflicts between people. Our primary concern,
            however, is that the authors might be perceived to have been
            discriminated against for political, as opposed to legitimate
            scientific, reasons. Even a cursory look at the paper’s diagrams and
            trees immediately indicates that the authors make some extraordinary
            claims. They used a single genetic marker, HLA DRB1, for their
            analysis to construct a genealogical tree and map of 28 populations
            from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Japan. Using results from
            the analysis of a single marker, particularly one likely to have
            undergone selection, for the purpose of reconstructing genealogies is
            unreliable and unacceptable practice in population genetics.

            “The limitations are
            made evident by the authors’ extraordinary observations that Greeks
            are very similar to Ethiopians and east Africans but very distant
            from other south Europeans; and that the Japanese are nearly
            identical to west and south Africans. It is surprising that the
            authors were not puzzled by these anomalous results, which contradict
            history, geography, anthropology and all prior population-genetic
            studies of these groups. Surely the ordinary process of refereeing
            would have saved the field from this dispute. We believe that the
            paper should have been refused for publication on the simple grounds
            that it lacked scientific merit.”

            Neil Risch
            of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford,
            California 94305, USA

            Alberto Piazza
            of Genetics, Biology and Biochemistry, University of Torino, Via
            Santena 19, 10126 Torino, Italy

            L. Luca
            Department of Genetics, Stanford University School
            of Medicine, Stanford, California 94305, USA

          • Stig789

            There are no published or peer revied DNA researches pointing to the former Bulgarians from Fyrom and ancient roots.

            The Madrid study (Vilenna) was totally debunked by the scientific community and labeled as Absurd.

            Peter you will not find your identity in fake studies.

            Everyone knows you are related to mostly Bulgarians then Serbs.

            Did you “forget” the words of your previously favorite historian Borza and what he writes of you former Bulgarians

            “who have had no history, need one.”

            Is that the reasons for all the lies Peter?

          • peter7260

            Stig789,first I have to begin with this;Bulgarians are Tatars,Macedonians are authocthonous to Macedonia.
            Ethnic Macedonians have the highest amount of Mediterranean gene of all European people!!
            I suggest to you,you go and do research for your ethnic background before you can judge others.As Bozidar Dimitrov,he will tell you three possibilities; a)Volga,b)Bahtria,and c)Persia.

          • Damon

            Genetics is largely irrelevant when looking at an area such as the Balkans (ethnicity is more relevant), that being said I have some comments.

            First of, I hope that by Madrid university you are not referring to the Arnaiz-Villena study, for your own credibility’s sake. That study has been widely disproved and even when the University of Ss. Kiril and Metodij in Skopje (!) tried to replicate the results they could not. It is worth noting that according to that study the Japanese are nearly identical to west and south Africans(!).

            As for research from Oxford I doubt you have actually read anything from there as their results place you genetically extremely close to Serbs and more Slavic than the Bulgarians (who have according to Oxford have more west-European DNA than you do). Worth mentioning is also that show no relation worth mentioning between your people and the population in the region of Macedonia in Greece.

            Further, data from Eupedia (who cite a multitude of studies from universities all over the world, including Skopje) show an extremely close genetic relationship for you with the Bulgarians.
            Both of these results are in line with the findings that came out of your own universities relatively recently asserting that you are closest related genetically to Serbs and Bulgarians, which has been said here and is available to read on the internet.

            Now add in the Slavic nature of your language (intimately related to Bulgarian), culture and heritage and the fact that you historically have called yourselves Bulgarian up to early 20th century compared with that the ancient Macedonians, regardless of what theory you accept for their origins, had Greek culture, religion and language for at least 800 years before the first mentions of Slavs in Greece (that has never been the point of debate about the Macedonians in academia). It is also worth mentioning that majority of the first Slavs to settle the area of Greece (who were clearly reported as invaders with a different culture and religion than had been reported in the area before) and deported to Asia minor with the rest being segregated in special villages. That seems strange and irrational behavior to do all of a sudden if you Slavs were indeed native to Macedonia as you claim.

            Now, you seem like a parrot and thus I have no doubt that you have several paragraphs of text ready to copy-and-paste to switch the focus to something marginally related or such, but I hope against hope that by the grace of the Olympian gods of the Macedonians that your veil of hatred and confusion can be lifted so that you find peace in this life and in Hades.

            // Damon of Thessalonica – Macedonian statesman (available on Wikipedia)

          • Stig789

            Peter is it not time to leave the hate speech behind you? The academic world is writing books about your lies and falsified DNA results

            “.. we can now turn to the use-or misuse-of genetic findings in the battle of territorialclaims. The Macedonians, the Sami of northern Scandinavia, and Palestinians are three groups that have seized upon deeply
            problematic interpretations of new genetic evidence to bolster claims
            to sovereignty.[..] Most of today’s Macedonians are in fact
            citizens of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, carved out of
            the remains of Yugoslavia in 1991[..}They speak a Slavic language,
            part of a family of tongues brought to the Balkans by Slavic tribes
            in the sixth and seventh centuries, and first began to develop a
            unique national identity at the turn of the twentieth century.
            Nonetheless, [..] some of these citizens believe that they are in
            fact the descendants of Alexander the Great of Macedon, and as such
            “are not Slavs, but have a direct descent from the ancient

            Diana Muir & Paul S. Appelbaum: The Gene Wars)

          • peter7260

            Stig789,I am not from the Republic of Macedonia.Unfortunately I was born under the Greek occupation.I am indigenous from Aegean Macedonia.
            Your attempt to separate the Macedonians as per the borders created illegally in 1913 does tell me,you are bringing politics into history.
            Stig789,politically or otherwise no one will change the facts of 338 BC nor 1913,nor in the 21st century.
            Demosthenes talked about the “holy soil”in 338 BC,I have the same right to talk about the illegal partition of Macedonia in 1913.Our people have been denied their Human Rights in Greece and Bulgaria.In all three parts of geographic Macedonia the people are one and the same.There are no Greeks nor Bulgars just because there are illegal borders. We are Macedonians!!
            I will leave you with a question;Can one nation have two(2) kings at the same time approved by Vatican?.

          • Stig789

            You are pure Bulgarians as YOUR institutions has discoverd.

            You are deeply ignorant and uneducated. No wonder the Greeks and Bulgarians with right are blocking you.

            “The borders between Greece and Serbia were defined in 1913 on the basis of the advances of the armies of the two nations during the first Balkan war. The border between Greece and Bulgaria was defined at the Treaty of Bucharest. Since then, the borders of the three nations had remained the same. Macedonia, a region mostly of Greece since ancient times, was divided into three perhaps even four parts, with Greece keeping the largest portion of about 50%, then-Yugoslavia receiving about 35%, Bulgaria about 10% and a small percentage eventually ending in Albania. The Greek people on the portion of the Macedonia part in Greece have been there since time immemorial — over more than forty centuries before the Slavs arrived. The language spoken in the Greek region since antiquity is Greek, whereas the language of the former-Yugoslavia portion is a Slavic dialect of Bulgarian”

            Joseph C. Harsch, American journalist, “The Christian Science Monitor”, January 29, 1992

          • peter7260

            Stig789,the ignorant and uneducated seems to point right at you.
            The treaty of Serves was signed on August 10th,1920,and under articles 7,8 and 9,the Greek government was to undertake certain obligations regarding”the protection of the non Greek national minorities in Greece”.
            I won’t go into detail,but it is worth mentioning the following that transpired between the high ranking Greek representative and the Serb and Bulgarians over the Macedonian identity and language.
            In March of 1925 the League of Nations directed Greece to fulfill its obligations.By May of 1925 an elementary school reader was published in the Macedonian language,it was known as the ABECEDAR.
            Both Serbia and Bulgaria threatened to go to war if it was not published in their language.Bulgaria threatened war against Greece.
            What occurred next is truly a rare example,the Greek representative at the League of Nations Vasilis Dendramis responded by defending the Macedonian language as being”Neither Bulgarian,nor Serbian but an independent language.”
            He listed various linguistic maps as evidence to support his claim of the independence of the Macedonian language.
            The high ranking Greek official representing the Greek state not only recognized the existance of the Macedonian identity,but openly defended and supported it.

            Dr.Thomas Arnold,the founder of the school Ethos in 19th century in England,suggested that fabricating Greek Legends will profoundly improve the English image,even more than the Greek image.

            David Holder was the chief foreign corespondent for the London Sunday Times.He revealed in his book”Greece Wthout Columns”that the Greek treasured assumption is a delusion and Greek legent wishful fantasies”.

            Captain P.H.Evans,on September 16th,1943,was dropped into Northern Greece as British liason officer.He became a station commander where he remained until October 1944.Captain Evans knew nothing about Macedonia,like all foreigners who had been hoodwinked by official Greek propaganda.
            He expected to find only Greek but instead he found a Macedonian World.
            He wrote”The Balkan region is Macedonia by nature and not Greek”.

            He observed that ” the Greek language in Northern Greece was regarded as a foreign language and that the Greeks were distrusted as something alien in the full sense of the word and viewed as foreigners in Macedonia”.”

            Stig789,maybe you should read the book of Martin Bernal who is a Professor Emeritus of the Government and Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University “Black Athena – Fabrication of Ancient Greece 1785-1985.
            In “Black Athena”Professor Bernal questions German/British historians who are the originators of the terms”Hellenism”and Äncient Greece”.
            “Martin Bernal argues that classical Greek culture springs from the arrival of the Semitic and Egyptian culture.This is”supposed to have happened in the 18th century BC when the Hyksos invasion of Egypt overflowed into Crete,and on through the Aegean to Greece.
            He attacks Classicists of the last two centuries for their whitewashing of classical Greece,and alleges that,assuming the racial superiority of Europeans,they ignored the swarthy races of the Western Mediterranean,and looked only at vigorous Northern European barbarians as originators of ‘Greek’ çulture”.

            My last point is;you failed to answer my only question to you on my last comment(Can one nation have two kings at the same time,and approved by the Vatican?).
            (Do you have the balls to answer this simple question?).

          • Stig789


            Nothing you write have anything to do with reality. It is a story created for you. It seems like you have defined your identity on fiction historians like Bernal.

            In no way does Bernal separate any of the ancient Greeks like Spartans , Athenians or Macedonians.

            So if you pretend to be ancient Macedonians and you belive in Bernal fictions , then you are claiming african roots. But Peter , that is how it goes when you are deeply uneducated/

            Bernal is considered a clown in the academic world. His work has been totally debunked by major universities and professors. Maybe you can turn to some other author like Stephen Kings to find some proof for your existence. Looks like a desperate move Peter?

            Now back to the Kings. I believe you former Bulgarians never had kings but Tsars.

            Did you forget when the Byzantinne Greeks kicked our you Bulgarian invaders from the area. The defeated your Bulgarian Tsar Samuil.

            Those Greeks got their nicknames of BULGAR slayers in the history books.

            So answering your question. Your ancestors wanted to united under one Bulgarian Tsar. What happened after that Peter?

            Hristo Tatarchev –
            founding member BMARC/IMRO)

            “We talked a long time about the
            goal of this organization and at last we fixed it on autonomy of
            Macedonia with the priority of the Bulgarian element. We couldn’t
            accept the position for “direct joining to Bulgaria” because we
            saw that it would meet big difficulties by reason of confrontation of
            the Great powers and the aspirations of the neighbouring small
            countries and Turkey. It passed through our thoughts that one
            autonomous Macedonia could easier unite with Bulgaria…”

          • Stig789

            Now remind me again what
            you former self-identifying Bulgarians have in common with ancient
            Macedonians that your Bulgarian cousins or someone Turkish doesn’t?
            Why is it again you choose to speak a Slavic dialect rather than
            Greek if you claim to be a proud “ancient Macedonian”?

            And remind me again what
            your national hero Misirkov meant by these words?

            “We are Bulgarians,
            more Bulgarians than the Bulgarians in Bulgaria
            themselves.”[…]’And, anyway, what sort of new Macedonian
            nation can this be when we and our fathers and grandfathers and
            great-grandfathers have always been called Bulgarians?

          • peter7260

            I think someone already answered this question for you 15 days ago.
            Oh yes,it was Voden 15 days ago addressed to you.Read it again,maybe it will sink into your brain second time.

          • Stig789

            Well I dont think I got an explanation why Misirkov wrote.

            “We are Bulgarians,more Bulgarians than the Bulgarians in Bulgaria”

            By the way he wrote his books on Bulgarian language only.

          • peter7260

            I told you,Voden told you.Read it again,it might sink into your narrow brain!

          • Stig789

            Peter – there is nothing but BULGARIAN in your history.

            Cant you reinvent you as the ancient Romans, ancient Inkas , The children of Santa Claus instead?

            “Despite the efforts of the post-1945 Macedonian historiography to represent Delchev as a Macedonian separatist rather than a Bulgarian nationalist, Delchev himself has stated: “…We are Bulgarians
            and and all suffer from one common disease….” and “Our
            task is not to shed the blood of Bulgarians, of those who
            belong to the same people that we serve”.

            Victor Roudometof, “Collective memory, national identity, and ethnic conflict: Greece, Bulgaria, and the Macedonian question”, p. 79

          • peter7260

            Stig789,I assume you are a Tatar.Tatars and Macedonians are two different ethnos that have nothing in common!
            .If there is anyone looking for history,it is you the Tatars.

            As for Gotse Deltsev,Jane Sandanski,Nikola Karev,Misirkov,even the first president post second world war Georgy Dimitrov were Macedonians,they were no Tatars!
            As for the Hristo Tatarchev’s VMRO/IMRO is concerned,had nothing to do with Macedonia and Macedonians. It was an anti Macedonian Tatar organization.No Macedonians belonged to this organization.
            The Tatar VMRO and the Macedonian VMRO were two opposing organizations that the Leadership of these organizations had total different agendas.You made an error my friend on combining the two together.
            This is a blatant fabricated lie of your Tatar politics.
            You see,you are not as smart as you think.When one starts to fabricate,always catches up with you.

          • Stig789

            Peter are you really sure? Maybe you can explain Misirkovs own words?

            “As a Bulgarian, I would willingly return to Bulgaria, if there is a need of a scientific research of the fate of the Bulgarian lands, especially in Macedonia.”

            Krste Misirkov, “Diary 5 July to 30 August 1913”, Sofia-Skopje, 2008, Published by State Agency “Archives” of the Republic of Bulgaria & State Archive of the Republic of Macedonia, p. 168

            About Hristo Tatarchev

            Hristo Tatarchev (Bulgarian: Христо Татарчев, Macedonian: Христо Татарчев, December 16, 1869 – January 5, 1952) was aBulgarian[1][2][3][4] revolutionary and first leader of the revolutionary movement in Macedonia and Eastern Thrace (the organization was renamed to IMARO in 1906 and IMRO in 1920). He wrote the memoirs The First Central Committee of the IMRO (1928). He authored several political journalism works between the First and Second World Wars. He is considered an ethnic Macedonian in theRepublic of Macedonia.

          • peter7260

            Stig789,Tatarchev was fighting against Macedonia and for the interests of the Tatars.Please stop with your idiotic fabrications.If you think you can sell your ideas to an uneducated individual such as you,go right ahead,don’t try it on me!

          • Stig789

            Peter – This is what you can see in every university and encyclopedia in the world.

            Should we trust you or the rest of the world? Lets continue with your folk music. It is based on the famouse Bulgarian Milidanov brothers and their work “Bulgarian folk songs”.

            Peter how did they become “Macedonians”and their work renamed to “Macdonian folk songs” just in Fyrom. Is this how your identity was created. Basically renaming everything Bulgarian into Macedonian?

            So if we go to a museum or read an encyclopedia in the world , what do the say about your “Macedonian” ancestors?

            “The Miladinov brothers (Bulgarian: Братя Миладинови, Bratya Miladinovi, Macedonian: Браќа Миладиновци, Brakja Miladinovci), Dimitar Miladinov (1810–1862) and Konstantin Miladinov (1830–1862), were Bulgarian poets and folklorists from the region of Macedonia, authors of an important collection of folk songs, Bulgarian Folk Songs.[1][2][3] In their writings, they self identified as Bulgarians,[4][5] though besides contributing toBulgarian literature,[6] in the Republic of Macedonia they are also thought to have laid the foundation of the Macedonian literary tradition.[7]”

            “1983 in Skopje under the title “The Collection of the Miladinov Brothers” and every references to Bulgaria or Bulgarian were removed. However, after the fall of Communism, the book was published in 2000 in original, which caused serious protests of Macedonian historians.[16] As result the Macedonian State Archive displayed a photocopy of the book in cooperation with the Soros Foundation and the text on the cover was simply “Folk Songs”, the upper part of the page showing “Bulgarian” has been cut off.[17] There is a similar case with the national museum of the Republic of Macedonia which, apparently, refuses to display original works by the two brothers, because of the Bulgarian labels on some of them.[4]”

            Peter is that how you became “Macedonian”. All traces of your Bulgarian ancestors where removed?

          • Stig789

            Peter – now surely you can equally
            explain to all of us what your national hero Delchev, and fellow
            future IMRO members, meant when theye co-wrote the BMARC statutes in

            “Art. 2. To achieve
            this goal they [the committees] shall raise the awareness of
            self-defense in the Bulgarian population in the regions mentioned in
            Art. 1., disseminate revolutionary ideas – printed or verbal, and
            prepare and carry on a general uprising.
            Chapter II. – Structure
            and Organization
            Art. 3. A member of BMARC can be any Bulgarian,
            independent of gender

          • Stig789

            These are “Macedonians” ,you make me laugh Peter, Your political games and bluffs have been called. Peter, time to think of something else? Maybe you can become the ancient Star Treks? Imagine what wonderful statues you could spend your money on to build!

            “…We are Bulgarians
            and and all suffer from one common disease….” and “Our
            task is not to shed the blood of Bulgarians, of those who
            belong to the same people that we serve”.

            (Krste Misirkov)“We are
            Bulgarians, more Bulgarians than the Bulgarians in Bulgaria
            themselves.”[…]‘And, anyway, what sort of new Macedonian nation
            can this be when we and our fathers and grandfathers and
            great-grandfathers have always been called Bulgarians?

            (Hristo Tatarchev –
            founding member BMARC/IMRO)
            “We talked a long time about the
            goal of this organization and at last we fixed it on autonomy of
            Macedonia with the priority of the Bulgarian element. We couldn’t
            accept the position for “direct joining to Bulgaria” because we
            saw that it would meet big difficulties by reason of confrontation of
            the Great powers and the aspirations of the neighbouring small
            countries and Turkey. It passed through our thoughts that one
            autonomous Macedonia could easier unite with Bulgaria…”

            Ivan Hadzhinikolov in his
            memoirs states one of the principles of the IMRO’s foundation)
            “The revolutionary organization should be established within Macedonia and should act there, so that the Greeks and Serbs couldn’t label it as
            a tool of the Bulgarian government.”

            (Statutes of BMARC
            co-authored by Gotse Delchev and other future IMRO members)
            2. To achieve this goal they [the committees] shall raise the
            awareness of self-defense in the BULGARIAN population in the regions
            mentioned in Art. 1., disseminate revolutionary ideas – printed or
            verbal, and prepare and carry on a general uprising.
            Chapter II.–
            Structure and Organization
            Art. 3. A member of BMARC can be any
            BULGARIAN , independent of gender

            Words from your own heros

          • Stig789

            Peter why dont you consider Fyroms own DNA results?

            A six-year long DNA research of the Balkan peoples conducted by Skopje
            Forensics Medicine Institute has showed remarkable resemblance among

            “The analysis of the data has showed that residents of Macedonia have the
            most similar DNA with Bulgarians and Serbs, Croats with
            Bosnian and Serbian population while Kosovo Albanians have the fewest
            similarities with the others,”

            says Forensics Medicine Institute’s Dr Zlatko Jakovski

          • protogerov

            Wow you killed him man I can’t believe I read all this back and forth. This Peter guy is a drone through and through. It’s almost amazing how distorted his perception is, I’m sure one day scientists are going to weaponize this method of brainwashing.

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