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Venezuela: Confusion and Attacks Discussed on Twitter

Written by Laura VidalTranslated by Gabriela García Calderón On 7 May 2014 @ 6:15 am | No Comments

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Using the hashsags #UcabCaracas [1] and #SOSColectivosDelTerrorAtacanUCAB [2] [SOS terror groups attack UCAB], comments and images of assaults on students on protests that apparently happened at Andrés Bello Catholic University [3] [es] in Caracas have been widely shared. Among those tweeting inside the university campus, that has suspended it academic activities, we find the group UCAB student movement [4] [es] sharing information and posting images of injured students .

5:24PM Tense situation goes on in UCAB CARACAS. Patrols keep coming and going to the university main entrance.

With the same hashtags, a series of tweets by supportes of chavismo try to deny the information, or criticize students protests. Also, with #SocialismoProductivo [8] [productive socialism] this group aims to highlight what they consider unjustified protests and condemn violent acts.

These are gullible kids who beleive that the point is encouraging violence withour being aware of the consequences of their acts.

There are reports of protests in other universities in provinces and those that have decided not to join the protests are harshly criticized. All this reflects the informative confusion and the different visions, the main topics of the conflict in Venezuela.

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