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Astronomy in Spain

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Astrophysicist Angel R. López-Sánchez blogs [1] [es] about the recent XXI State Congress of Astrophysics [2] [es] held in Granada, Spain, on may 1-4, 2014. During the event, there was a astrophotography contest and time-lapse video, about which Angel notes:

Three out of four winners are Andalucian, and this shows once again the great impact that astronomers from Southern Spain have had during this process. No wonder, there wasn't a national event like this one in Andalucia since 1985, when the Astronomy Society of Malaga held one in that city.

Below one of the winner images. more on the post [1] by Ángel R. López-Sánchez.

Imagen ganadora de la categoría Cielo Profundo del Concurso de astrofotografía y video time-lapse del XXI Congreso Estatal de Astronomía celebrado en Granada entre el 1 y el 4 de mayo. Se trata de una preciosa toma de la galaxia M 101, en la Osa Mayor. El título de la obra es Borrasca. Crédito: Javier Ballesteros Bonald (Cártama, Málaga).

Trough. Shot of galaxy M 101 in the Big Dipper. This image won the category Deep Sky on the Astrophotography and Time Lapse video Contest at the XXI State Congress of Astronomy held in Granada. Credit: Javier Ballesteros Bonald (Cartama, Malaga).

This post was part of the first [3] [es] #LunesDeBlogsGV [GV Monday of blogs] on May 5, 2014.