3 May 2014

Stories from 3 May 2014

Aftermath of an Oil Spill

The Bridge  3 May 2014

In La Brea, Trinidad, a fishing community continues to feel the impact of an allegedly cleaned-up oil spill that occurred over four months ago.

Infographic: Who Are China’s Rural Migrant Workers?

  3 May 2014

“Rural migrant worker”, a unique term in China,refers to a class of citizens no longer employed in the agricultural sector who nevertheless retain their legal status as peasants. ChinaFile published an interesting infographic explaining their situations and the problems rural migrant workers are facing in today's society. 

The Price of Press Censorship in China

  3 May 2014

At the China Media Project, Chang Ping discusses the implications of case of Wei Yinin, who abused his power to control internet press. Chang believes that the case should prompt deeper reflection on corruption of the propaganda system itself. Chang says: It’s probably difficult for most people even to imagine how...