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Fans in Skopje Gather to Exchange Football Stickers

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Hundreds of people gathered on Sunday afternoon in a downtown park in Skopje to exchange stickers of the official Football FIFA World Cup album on April 28, 2014.

Sticker exchange in Skopje, Macedonia on April 27, 2014. [1]

People of all ages exchanging stickers in Skopje City Park. Photo: F.S. (CC-BY)

In Macedonia, as in other countries of the former Yugoslavia, the tradition of collecting stickers is decades long, dating back at least to the 1970s and many vintage sticker albums are now valued collectors’ items. Adults participate in the exchange almost as much as children and popular brands have included Italian Panini [2] and Croatian Kraš [3] (Animal Kingdom). In 2006, local programmer Goran Slakeski founded the website slikicki.com [mk [4], en [5], si [6]] which has been the center of an online sticker exchange community, extending its reach with occasional offline events such as this one.