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8 Shocking Quotes from Malaysian Politicians

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Balik Cina is a new [1] website which compiles [2] some of the hilarious and notorious quotes [3] made by Malaysian politicians.

Most of the quotes featured on the site were submitted by netizens. The quotes are linked to a news source which provides details and context of a particular issue.

Balik Cina is actually an infamous quote in Malaysia. Here’s the reason [4] why the website is named Balik Cina:

Balik Cina literally means ‘go back to China’ in Bahasa Malaysia. The term Balik Cina was first popularized by the principal of a Shah Alam high school in July 2013. This term and other phrases of similar sophistication has since been trending in Malaysia. Inspired by the outstanding quality of public discourse perpetuated by Malaysian politicians, we started BalikCina.com to keep track of all exciting developments in our political landscape.

Balik Cina aspires to be the finest collection of all beautiful and inspirational quotes by Malaysian politicians and public figures.

Aizyl Azlee of The New Forward reviews the website and confirms [5] that Malaysian politicians often spew out ridiculous statements:

Malaysian politicians say ridiculous stuff so often that most of us can barely keep up. Before we’re done laughing at one quote, there’s already another one going viral on the internet. So much so that we aren’t exactly able to remember half of what we’ve laughed at.

Below are eight examples of some of the memorable and shocking sound bites by Malaysian politicians in recent years:

1. Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor stirred controversy when he compared [6] property valuation with women. He has since then apologized for his remarks but he blamed the media for misquoting him.

makeup [7]

2. Prime Minister Najib Razak, the most prominent and active social media user in Malaysia, posted a photo of his meeting with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. But he probably thought he was at the Twitter HQ.

najib_fb [8]

3. Aside from V-necks, the guidelines warned [9] that “a preference for tight and bright coloured clothes” is an indicator of homosexuality.

gay [10]

4. Last month, an independent online website was denied permit [11] for publication because of this reasoning:

newspapers [12]

5. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim probably assumed he could use the MH370 [13] disaster to further undermine the credibility of the ruling government. It backfired [14].

anwar [15]

6. An MP wants to censor [16] the Internet to appease the Chinese relatives of missing Malaysian plane MH370. He blamed the unregulated media information as source of anger of the relatives.

censor [17]

7. Those sanitary pads [18] must be the source of all bloody evils in the world.

sanitary_pads [19]

8. Malaysia, a Muslim-majority nation, has a law that bans [20] non-Muslims from using the word Allah to refer [21] to the Christian God.

ali [22]