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Bob Marley – A New God for the Bhutanese Youth?

Categories: South Asia, Bhutan, Citizen Media, Education, Youth

Bob Marley has suddenly become a god among the already confused generation. The Rastafari Flag, with either Bob himself or with a marijuana leave on it, is all over the place. For someone who died in 1981 to brainwash smart kids of 21st century is so unbelievable.

Passang Tshering, a Bhutanese blogger and computer teacher at the Bajothang Higher Secondary School, Bhutan, wonders why Bob Marley [1] is considered iconic among the Bhutanese youth today. Instead, he'd like to have them look up to the 12 people [2] whose portraits he has hung up on the computer lab wall of his school

and wonder how they must have done what they have done. Wonder, Appreciate, and Get Inspired.