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#NETmundial, Tweets from São Paulo, Brazil

Categories: Latin America, Brazil, Citizen Media, Digital Activism

Here we share some Storify stories that sum up what happened on the first day of NETmundial [1], the conference on the future of Internet governance in São Paulo, Brazil (April 23 and 24, 2014).

In English:
@APC_News [2]: #NETmundial officially kicks off [3] 
First impressions of #NETmundial [4].
@PdF_Europe [5]: NetMundial 2014 – Day 1 [6].
@DrRimmer [7]: A Magna Carta for the Internet: A Digital Bill of Rights Proposed at #NetMundial2014 [8].

In Spanish:
@ialaw [9]: Primera Jornada de NetMundial 2014 [10].