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Colombia: Free Cinema Festival in Bogota

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A festival of free cinema will be held on May 8 in Bogota [1]. This festival has the precedent of three earlier versions held in the city of Barranquilla [2] (the last one in October 2013 [3]). The festival's name will be New narrations for multiple screens.

Festival de cine CC - Bogotá bajo Licencia CC by 2.0

 CC Cinema Festival – Bogota under CC by 2.0 licence

You can follow the updates on their Facebook page, FestiCineCC Bogotá [4] [es], visit their website [5] [es] or be part of the event at the Cinemateca Distrital [6] from 12.30 p.m.

Here you can read more about free content and Creative Commons licences [7].