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Will there be a Popular Consultation for Yasuní?

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(All links are in Spanish, otherwise noted as [en] for English)

Following the president's decision [1] last year to exploit the oil fields in Parque Nacional Yasuní [2] [en] [Yasuní National Park] an oppositional movement [3] began and became quickly organized [4]. It started carrying out marches [5] for collecting signatures [6] in order to hold a popular consultation regarding Yasuni's fate.

On Saturday, April 12th the Yasunidos [7] collective, along with other organizations, presented [8] almost 750,000 signatures before the CNE [9] [National Electoral Board, for its Spanish name] so that it may be passed on to the Consulta Popular del Yasuní ITT [The Yasuní ITT Popular Consultation]. The CNE accounted [10] for receiving the signatures and indicates that the minimum signatures required were 583,324. It also announced [11] that the signature verification procedure started on Monday, April 14th. 

However, on Thursday, April 17th an incident [12] occurred involving Yasunidos members. They blocked the boxes, containing the forms of the collected signatures, from being transferred between the CNE and the signature verification center. They claimed there were irregularities [13] in the procedure.

They want to take the boxes away without our consent despite the petition to postpone the procedure until we're certain.

On Friday, April 18th the CNE announced that the procedure is advancing [16] in accordance to the established timetable and that the presence of supervisors [17] guarantees its transparency and proper conduct. Nevertheless, activists continue to denounce irregularities with the procedure.

The military @FFAAECUADOR [18] closes the door on #Yasunidos [19] #DefiendeTuFirma [20] [Defend your signature] #Yasuní [21]