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International Organizations, Activists and Authors Against #LeyTelecom

Categories: Latin America, Mexico, Citizen Media, Digital Activism

Several digital rights international organizations sent the Mexican Congress a letter expressing international support [1] [es] for the defense of the freedom of expression and Internet freedom in Mexico. The letter is signed by Electronic Frontier Foundation, Vía Libre, Digital Rights NGO, among other academics and experts.

According to the signers, each regulation refered to telecommunications and broadcastiong approved by Mexican Congress should comply constitutional regulations and international rules about human rights signed by Mexico. They also issued a call for the observance of the UN resolution [2] about right to privacy in the digital era on the complimentary law on telecommunicatons, the joint declaration about surveillance programs and their impact in freedom of expresson and the 13 principles [3] [es] about human rights, in order to ensure the respect of human rights in the internet.

ContingenteMX posted this video on YouTube: