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Peru: Blog Site for Women Claims Unethical Use of Web Domain

Categories: Latin America, Peru, Citizen Media, Law

Ellas dicen [1] [es], a blog site for women, recently posted about the problems they went through after a representative of PERU.com suggested an association between the two entities. In the end, the agreement did not work out after a trial run, and no contract was signed. However, PERU.com, part of the El Comercio editorial group, registered the domain ellasdicen.pe and refuses to give it up. The blogger from Ellas dicen wonders [2]:

¿Acaso es pecado emprender algo sin tener el dinero para registrar la marca porque entonces, alguna persona “súper viva” aprovechará para usar TU idea y sacar SU provecho sin darte ningún crédito de por medio?

Is it so wrong for people to launch projects without having the money to register their brands just because some opportunist could possibly take advantage by stealing YOUR idea and profiting from it without giving back any of the credit?

Some tweeters have begun to show solidarity with @ellasdicenpe [3]:

@perucom [4] is going to have to prove that registering the ellasdicen.pe domain after its association with the @Ellasdicenpe [3] blog is neither disloyal nor in bad faith.