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Global Voices Partners with Melton Foundation on New Round of Mentoring

Written by Aparna Ray On 15 April 2014 @ 10:50 am | No Comments

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Global Voices and the Melton Foundation [1] have launched a new round of collaboration that will see a team of authors from Global Voices mentor a group of Fellows of the Melton Foundation in blogging and social media research.

Over the next four months, six Melton fellows from Chile, India and China will be coached over the internet in research and writing for Global Voices. The goal is to highlight solutions to inequality and discrimination in their regions, and gain experience writing for a global audience.

This is the second time Global Voices will be mentoring Melton fellows, after a successful first run in 2013.

The Melton Foundation promotes “global citizenship as a way for individuals and organizations to work together across boundaries of place and identity to address global challenges”.

On their website [1], they explain [2] that sharing awareness of societal problems in a forum like Global Voices, “is an integral part of being a global citizen.”

This image illustrated an article written on Global Voices by a Melton Fellow in 2013. A customer in Mumbai, India inspects food grains before making his purchase. Image by Prasad Kholkute (CC-BY-SA 2.0)

This image illustrated an article written on Global Voices by a Melton Fellow in 2013. A customer in Mumbai, India inspects food grains before making his purchase. Image by Prasad Kholkute (CC-BY-SA 2.0)

Melton Fellows wrote these stories on Global Voices in 2013:

Global Voices has conducted a number of mentorships for organizational partners over the years.

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