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Kuntur: A New Birdwatching App Launched in Colombia

Written by Cati RestrepoTranslated by Gabriela García Calderón On 14 April 2014 @ 13:04 pm | 1 Comment

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In the last week of March 2014, the Colombian National Training Service (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje – SENA) launched an app for birdwatching [1], named Kuntur. The SENA website [2] posted that Kuntur “would allow specialists in bird life and biodiversity in the country, to register their information and share it with the community in real time. It has a database with features for location and identification of the birds.”


Screen capture from YouTube [3].

At @Birdwatching [4] on Twitter, they explained the goal of the initiative:

The goal of Kuntur is to compile a database with all the birds species there are in Colombia.

On the app's official account (@KunturAPP [10]), we can find information such as how many times the app was downloaded during March (on android devices – the only platform on which the app is currently available):

In the first month of appearing on Google Play Store, KUNTUR has over 2000 downloads, with an average rating of…

Luis Carlos Zapata blogs on App Web móviles entre otros [12] about his positive feedback for this release and tells us how the idea of Kuntur started:

La app nació en el tecnoparque de manizales [13] y actualmente se encuentra en la tienda de Google Play pero proximamente estará disponible en IOS.La app tiene como intención que se conozca cerca de las 1800 especies que se conocen en Colombia, que sea didáctico y educativo.

[…] tanto novatos como expertos se puede buscar mediante la elección de diferentes siluetas y luego elegir características como color primario y secundario; para los inexpertos saldrá diferentes opciones […] y si usted es un experto la puede buscar con su nombre científico.

The app was created at Manizales Technopark [13] and is currently available in Google Play Store, but will shortly be available on IOS. The app intends to make public about the 1800 known species in Colombia, in an educational and instructive way.

[…] beginners and experts alike, will be able to search by (first) selecting different silhouettes and then selecting characteristics such as primary and secondary color; for beginners there will be different options […] and if you are an expert, you can search by scientific name.

In the same post, the video linked below was posted from the app's account on YouTube, with a very easy explanation as to how to use the app:

There is more information on the app creators’ website [14] and their Facebook page [15].

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