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Macedonia 2014 Elections Quick Reference Guide

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April 2014 is election season in Macedonia. On Sunday, April 13, Macedonians began casting votes for a new president and a new parliament.

As is the case with the electoral process in many countries in the age of the Internet, much of the information related to these elections will be readily available online. Global Voices has collected a list of some of the resources Internet users can use to follow the elections in Macedonia, as well as a quick calendar of the voting dates.

Macedonia elections 2014. Photo by Global Voices. CC-BY. [1]

Voter with a branded thumb holding election information leaflet issued by SEC. CC-BY.

Macedonia 2014 elections calendar:

Day Activity
April 12, Saturday Electoral silence begins
April 13, Sunday First Round of Presidential Elections
April 26, Saturday Electoral silence begins
April 27, Sunday Second Round of Presidential Elections
Early Parliamentary Elections

Key websites to follow:

Twitter hashtags:

Websites and Twitter accounts of the presidential candidates and their political parties (numbers reflect the order of candidates on the ballot):

  1. Gjorge Ivanov [22] from VMRO-DPMNE [23] (@timmakedonija [24], #Иванов [25] – affirmative, and #Хорхе [26] i.e. Jorge – critical).
    Slogan: “The State Above Everything Else.”
  2. Iljaz Halimi from DPA [27] (@gurrapdsh [28]).
    Slogan: “For an [ethnic] Albanian President.”
  3. Stevo Pendarovski from SDSM [29] (@spendarovski [30], #Стево [31] i.e. Stevo – affirmative, and #промени [32] – changes).
    Slogan: “Macedonia Deserves a President. Stevo, my President.”
  4. Zoran Popovski from GROM [33] (@PopovskiZ [34]).
    Slogan: “Bravely for Macedonia. A brave man – a proud state.”

Komunikacii blog has published a concise and interesting analysis of the slogans [35] [mk], while a Balkanist article “Elections in Macedonia: The Land of Promises” [36] neatly sums up some of the major issues.

The early parliamentary elections in Macedonia have the same general cast as in 2011 [37].