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The Overlooked Crisis in Burundi

Written by Lova Rakotomalala On 11 April 2014 @ 12:04 pm | No Comments

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While neighboring Rwanda is making news with the commemoration of the 1994 genocide and the increased tension with France [1], Burundi is marred in an overlooked political crisis and surge of violence [2] that opposes, again, Hutus and Tutsis.  Tshitenge Lubabu in Burundi opines that the roots of the crisis [3] [fr] are the current political leaders:

 La plupart de nos dirigeants, bien ou mal élus, malgré de longues années de pouvoir, se sont illustrés par leur impéritie [..] Tous les mensonges sont bons pour confisquer le pouvoir. Quand leurs mandats, limités par la Constitution, arrivent à terme, des courtisans zélés, jamais repus, les supplient de ne pas partir. Comme si, sans eux, le soleil risquait de ne plus apparaître 

Most of our leaders, properly elected or not, despite long years in power, stand out by their incompetence [..] Any lies are good to seize or stay in power. When their mandates come to an end as stipulated in the Constitution, their overzealous entourage, never sated, beg them not to leave power. As if without them, the sun might not rise tomorrow. 

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